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Promoting positive behaviors and reducing harmful ones

Persons with developmental disabilities such as autism may display some behaviors that affect their learning or growth. As a professional developmental disability care provider, B&C Behavioral and Home Health Services aims to help our clients identify such behaviors and work on promoting those that are helpful for them. Through behavior analysis, we can achieve this and guide our clients to become more productive and responsible individuals. This also helps us understand how certain environments affect those behaviors and learning.

Proper behavior analysis can help:

  • Reduce problematic behaviors
  • Improve communication and overall language skills
  • Improve memory, attention or focus, and social skills

Our behavior analysis services cater to individuals diagnosed with levels 2 and 3 autism. Level 2 autism entails the need for substantial support. Persons in this category may exhibit repetitive behaviors that affect their everyday functions. They can also show little interest in academics due to problems in communication, word formation, focus, and nonverbal language. On the other hand, level 3 autism involves obvious difficulty in initiating conversations due to limited ability to communicate or talk.

This program will not only develop strategies to help patients cope with or overcome their difficulties, but it also helps them integrate into the community effectively like everyone else.

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